Does anyone have pictures of an Ultimate Soft Foldover bag in Black?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting one and apparently there is one hiding in some chanel store somewhere... but i've only seen it in red..

    please help! :tender:
  2. Noooooo~ i can't have it because it is damaged! :'(
  3. Mmm...I wonder if I have this bag. I have one that folds over, but I don't know the name. Can you describe it?
  4. i think i do, but file is too big, i can email if you need it. describe the bag first. It's call Ultimate Soft, camera bag i think
  5. mine is last years edition but in Light Beige Lambskin
  6. Gorgeous! I like it in this color!
  7. Gorgeous, the leather looks so buttery!
  8. thanks you guys~
    your bag is TDF, chanel4me... it's gorgeous... i hope they'll have more of it soon... i really want it~ (:

    frenchiefan, why don't you take your ultimate soft out? is it very fragile? :smile:
  9. No - actually it's one of my least fragile Chanels. :yes: But, I think I feel it's a little too "edgy" for conservative 'ol me - especially in Black with silver. I guess I'm just more of a classic flap or reissue gal. I imagined I'd wear it with my cool :supacool: clothes, but alas, I have no cool clothes...:sad:

    I'll try and take pix tomorrow - I wanted to update my Chanel collection shot with this one and my white caviar tote (which is edgy too, but a bit more innocent! :angel:).
  10. OK - here she is. Mine is quilted and has a leather piece on the strap. I notice that the lovely ivory one pictured above is a bit different in those regards.
  11. That is a beautiful bag. What is its length and width?
  12. oh that's so gorgeous!! i saw this hobo and wanted it last time :heart: around how much is it?
  13. o frenchiefan, it's gorgeous! it's definitely perfect.

    thanks so much, you've been so helpful! :smile: