Does anyone have picture of the red croc birkin with the diamond hardware??

  1. I know someone here posted a while back and I fell in love with it......can anyone find it for me please~?~? thank you!!
  2. Is this it?
  3. THANK YOU KAT!!!! your sucha sweetheart for replaying!!

    I remember it being bright red but i could just be crazy!
  4. Hey MissV! I found the original picture that (I think) you saw. msstammy originally posted it and then someone else uploaded it onto purseforum
  5. Nice pics and very luscious!
  6. These are so gorgeous...I can't sleep now...thanks a lot!! :smile:
  7. That is very gorgeous. I remember the red croc birkin was posted on the LV forum. msstammy said it cost around $80,000 plus. Whoever owns that birkin should given full attention.

    Did livinluxuriously lila buy the birkin?