does anyone have pics to share of the kristin embroidered plaid signature C bags?

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  1. Since I can't track down the flap in this print I'm trying to decide on another style.

    I'm sure someone out there must have bought a bag in this print by now! Anyone kind enough to share some pics?

    I'm wondering if the plaid is too gold? I've heard lots of positive reviews but what I really need is to see an actual bag in this print

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. I would love to see IRL pics of this print as well. Do you have a larger pic of the satchel in your avatar?
  3. I don't have the bag but did see it irl at my fps, they had the hippie and tote. I think the colors are soft and muted and it doesn't look too gold to me.
  4. hi, i own this bag, bought it last week...i have tried endlessly to post pics of it and i keep getting error messages...i love the bag...i am not using it as an everyday bag, but, as a weekend or evening bag...the colors are gorgeous and it looks like a rich also does hold a wallet, keys, cell phone, lipstick, mints...hope that helps....
  5. I took the worlds crappiest iPhone pic when I was at the store - give me a sec and I'll post it for you.
  6. I hesitated to post iy before cause it's not a very good picture but here it is anyway. It's honestly gorgeous andI think you would love it IRL - if I thought you would be at all disappointed in it I'd say so. It's gorgeous.

  7. I love it in the tote version.

    I might get a wristlet or other accessory in this print.
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    Thanks for posting a pic, crissy. I LOVE this bag.

    Enjoy your bag songofthesea.
  9. I just checked the website - there are 4 things in this print there. :smile:
  10. OMG--I love that hippie--and I love the print!

    Thanks so much for sharing the picture crissy-it's a really good one btw!
    You are so right about the print and I've finally made up my mind to get it!
  11. Yeah I probably should have shown it to you before but I thought it was a really bad pic on my iPhone - but it looks better bigger. I asked permission to take it. ;) I only wish the shoulder strap on the Hippie was the squishy leather one.