Does anyone have pics or info on this bracelet?

  1. I don't know if this is real or not, but I'm sure I've seen it before in other auctions.
    I think its really funky (and great that its reversible), I only buy things new since I've has some difficulty with pre-owned stuff, so does H still make it?
    I don't know what it is with me but I'm always attracted to the H womens bracelets?! :crybaby: only theya re allways too small for my man wrists lol! I'm on the fence about this one (and i want a CDC first) is it too feminine?
  2. Hi Naughty - I don't know about its authenticity but for what it's worth I do think it's a little girly JMHO.
  3. Thanks Handybags, I have that gut feeling too. I think I need to try it on IRL.

    BTW i apologise if this is supposed to be in the authenticate this thread but i wanted opinions and other info so i didn't think it was suitable.
  4. Hmmmm - I don't know either, maybe put it there too :shrugs:

    I think you'll find something gorgeous that's a bit more masculine. What has your SA reccomended so far?
  5. I haven't talked to my SA about this yet, I've got an order for a double kelly tour bracelet in a gm size, since the regular doesn't fit me. Although no one (here or at the store) can verify with me if the exist :ninja: its a conspiracy! So i don;t know if my double kelly dream will ever come true
  6. You'll have such fun trying to find the right bracelet for you, the double tour might just be it :graucho:. The waiting is always the worst (best) bit!
  7. I don't think this one is authentic, but the store near me has one right now in blue jean. It might be too narrow to be masculine enough, but I guess it also depends the color (and just how masculine you want it to be!). :smile:
  8. yeah I've been looking at this style for a while now, sometimes i love it sometimes i think it's meh. so I don't think i will be rushing to the store to buy it just yet.