Does anyone have pics on kelly long pouchette? and your thoughts?

  1. Does anyone have this bag? Pics and thoughts? Is is too flat, SA said the gusset is pretty small.
  2. ^ yes it is very flat, but that is probably what keeps it workable since it is very long. You can fit the essential in it. If you need more, then you need to carry a small Kelly. I like it because it is sleek and when you stick it under your arm, you feel like something is there and you won't lose it. Most important when you are holding your Cosmo or Martini!
  3. oooh - i love it! i think it's more elegant than the jpg kelly.
  4. photo courtesy asa, kelly longue in ardoise

  5. courtesy eliselady

  6. I have been thinking about it also. I saw a raisin box at the Ginza H store a few weeks ago. As Twinkle has rightly pointed out, it is very flat. Is it possible for Kelly longue owners out there to post a photo of what could possibly fit in such small space? I am dying to find out.
  7. I am on my holiday and the bag is at home! Sorry! You can get a lot in as it is long (longue!) but they have to be thin. An old fashioned bulky mobile phone from 4-5 years ago would cause a bulge. I usually carry a mobile phone, credit card case, slender purse a few bits of makeup.
  8. :drool::drool:
  9. I was able to put a medium azap agenda [mrss-correct me if this is the wrong description], cell phone and lipstick in mine. Don't have photos right now.
  10. I am in love with this bag.
  11. I really like this bag...maybe for my first:love:
  12. OMG! I want one now too! This place is so dangerous!
  13. How about one of these in croc?:graucho::sneaky:

  14. I want one toooooooooooo!!!! this place IS dangerous.... does any one know anyhing about their PRICES???? would love the croc!!!