Does anyone have pics of themselves wearing the Pastilles as a bracelet?

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  1. Thanks so much!! I did a forum search and found tons of pics of it being used as a bag charm, but no pics of anyone wearing it as a bracelet.

    TIA!!:yes: :heart:
  2. My SA says that ALOT have been brought back for repairs when they try to use it as a bracelet. Its not meant for it, so I guess it doesnt withstand that kind of wear. I wouldnt do it. Its tooo pretty to break. Ilove mine on my bags. Did you get one or thinking of getting one? Did you see the new fall colors yet. I am wanting one of those for my Damier Mezzo! YUM!
  3. I used to have it but exchanged it for something else. I meant to use it as a bracelet but it is long, around 8" I think and too clunky or me, the connecting ring is too big.
  4. hold on- I will find mine and take some pics!
  5. OKay mine still has the plastic on it as I am only planning to use it with my Damier Azur speedy and that's still sitting in the closet until Spring so sorry about that. It's FAR too large on me to wear it as a bracelet however I have very tiny wrists...

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  6. Hmmm, I have been using mine as a bracelet alot, at least 20 times so far, no problems here. I :heart: it as a bracelet!
  7. I never really thought of that, but what size bracelet do you guys normally wear? I have average size wrists, do you guys think I would be able to wear it as a bracelet?
  8. It looks really pretty, Crystal!
  9. I'll end up having pictures after I get mine for Christmas lol. I wanted the keychain version but after I was about buy it my mom had to tell me I ruined the surprise since she got the bracelet version already haha. I'll probably trade off using it as a bag charm and a bracelet. My wrists are about 6 or 6.5" and I usually go with a 7" because I like a bit of dangle. For comparison, I have a few of the Tiffany's silver tag bracelets and I hook them on the 2nd to last link.
  10. Here's my pic. I don't wear it very often though as the clasp is a bit bulky. I bought it to put on bags!

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  11. it looks great on you guys :heart:
  12. You're always so sweet! :yes:

    I am still reeling over what happened to you at that dang LV store.
  13. pretty pretty :biggrin:
  14. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Crystal & Slayer. :biggrin:
  15. Thankyou so much ladies for all of your input and pics!!

    LOL Syntagma you could maybe wear yours as a belt?!?! LMAO!!

    Can't wait to see yours on your damier Mezzo, Selena:smile: