Does anyone have pics of them wearing their luxe line bags??

  1. Can you please post them?

    Also, how tall are you??
  2. yeah, I know there's some of us in the thread of Member's w/ their Chanels. Have you looked through it?

    I'll go ahead and post mine, but you may want to browse that thread, it's a FAB thread!
    I carry the Luxe Flap in metallic black and I'm a tad over 5'3".
    {sorry about the gym clothes and messy closet}
    DSCF1347.jpg DSCF1344.jpg DSCF1341.jpg
  3. You look great with the metallic flap, Swanky Mama!! :smile:

    Everytime I see pics of the flap, I get this niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I should've chosen the flap over the bowler. *shakes head* The flap looks a lot more comfortable as a shoulder bag. :Push:
  4. Thank you!
    Fitting on my shoulder even w/ a jacket it was the EXACT reason she came home w/ me! :yes:
    I'm not a big girl, but that Med bowler just didn't fit on my shoulder comfortably. :sad:
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