Does anyone have pics of their older Cabas Mezzo?

  1. Hey ladies,
    Does anyone have pics of a Cabas Mezzo with the patina already set in? I was wondering what the bottom will end up looking like.

    If not how old is yours and how is the bottom holding up? (pics????)

    I have been eating lunch outside at work lately and finding myself placing napkins down before putting the bag on the bench of the picnic table. lol maybe I am just being neurotic.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I've only had mine a couple years and unfortunately the only pic I have is of me holding it lol. But you can see the bottom decently, IMO.
  3. And by the way, the bottom on mine looks really nice, with the exception of a few water spots.
  4. yes, it looks really nice!
  5. Great pic. Thank you for posting it! Unfortunately I was so busy staring at the wall of handbags I almost forgot about the Cabas Mezzo. :lol: You have a gorgeous collection. Your Mezzo looks to be in fabulous condition. I would never have guessed that it was a few years old. That eases my mind about how mine will look. Thanks again! :flowers:
  6. I dont have the mezzo but have a paino... same issue :smile:

    its 5 yrs old.
  7. OMG that patina is TDF! :love: Did you treat it an any way? Oooo Something to look forward to!
  8. Nope i've never put anything on this bag. I wear it out in the rain and the snow and dont care. Its my all weather bag. :angel:
  9. Wow, Bag Fetish! That looks great!
  10. Bag Fetish that is such a beautiful color. I love it.
  11. Thank you, I love this bag...
    Its a bag i loved from the moment i saw it (i wanted it)

    Its the perfect *shoulder* bag IMO.
  12. PLEASE continue with the comments ladies.
    I just received one and am debating on keeping it only because of the bottom. I expect it to get a patina but will it look old and damaged if you use it regularly?
    Its such a wonderful size , esp. for travel/carryone and just for everyday. I want to USE IT , do you already owners recommend it or should i be safe with a luco or babylone???????????>

    why must it be dificult to decide, i guess i want to be sure , since its a BIG INVESTMENT FOR ME
  13. Mine is an Alto (same thing only bigger) and it's six years old. It's my travel bag so it's been through EVERY airport and sat on EVERY floor (not in the bathrooms though:lol:). I haven't treated the bottom. Here is a pic of what it looks like today:
  14. That looks great Irene.
  15. Seems like someone would have to do quite a bit to it to make it look bad!!!

    Good to know!