does anyone have pics of the new Goyard st louis claire tote?

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  1. I was at the boutique on Monday and I only saw the new pink and turquoise. Also the Goyard newsletter that was sent to my email only showed those colors as well. I didn’t inquire about last years 5 colors though, but I think they only have the pink and turquoise this year.

    Also here’s a photo of my new St Louis Claire Voie PM in powder pink! Special thanks to tpf member Decorox for her SA’s info!

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  2. Gorgeous
    May I ask the price pls ?
  3. The PM is $1750 and GM is $1985 in the US.
  4. Thanks! Your pink is beautiful.
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  5. I picked up the turquoise pm at the boutique a couple of days ago and I originally wanted a different color until the SA showed me this beauty. Then she mentioned they only made 20 pieces of turquoise in the PM size, 10 in Paris and 10 sent to NY. My question is, for those that got their bags is it really this limited and hard to find?
  6. I don’t think they are that limited. My SA (in LA) told me she had 8 more when I purchased mine last week. It was her second shipment of the bags. I think the boutiques only received 10 at a time.
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  7. Thanks so much! I’m new to Goyard and this is helpful. I was sold once I found the canvas is not too slouchy and not too structured. The SA in NY kept repeating it’s very limited in the entire world and made it seem like I won the lottery :P
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  8. I don't think this is true either as I purchased my turquoise from the goyard boutique in nm in chicago....
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  9. Well they are limited edition, so it is a bag that is harder to acquire and they will only produce a certain number. So you are definitely lucky to have stopped in when they had them! :smile:
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  10. Ooh even better! I’m happy I was able to get one. You ladies are the best source of validated information. I appreciate all your help
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  11. Great information! I tried calling other stores to ask but couldn’t get through. Thanks for your help
  12. I tried to get this, but was told only can do in person purchase, no phone order :sad:
  13. Really? Have you purchased from Goyard before? I know they’re really picky about the first order, but usually it’s just that they want a bank transfer and not credit card order. Maybe because it’s a special edition bag? :confused1:
  14. Sorry, yes they said because it is this Claire Voie in pink is limited edition so must be purchased in person.
  15. Aww I’m sorry, I had no idea. Oddly my SA didn’t say that to me. She told me after I had an account (my first purchase was at a Goyard in Neimans) she could mail me anything I wanted. Did you try calling a different store?
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