does anyone have pics of the new Goyard st louis claire tote?

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    I have been torn about these 2 colors! I am not a PINK person either, but for some reason that PINK has a neutral look to it, that might work better for me. On the other hand TURQUOISE has a certain pop to it, almost like a summer-ready “poolside turquoise”, it's definitely has a fun contrast against the Black. How are you styling it? Thanks for posting the pics. I’ve had a plain Black/Black PM on my list, yet I feel compelled to get Claire Voie instead before they run out of stock again, like they did last year! #goyardproblemslol
  2. Yes; I agree the rose pink is very neutral. Part of me is tempted to get it in a PM. When I went to the boutique I was also interested in the Artois. I’m glad I decided on this LE piece. I’m going to Paris in the summer so perhaps I will get something there and take advantage of the savings.

    As for styling, my trench coat goes with it perfectly (found a stock swatch image which is attached). It’s very nice with black of course and several solid colors. Looks nice with jeans as well. I think it’s a lovely spring/summer bag. Wore it yesterday and received many compliments. I think you can go wrong with either!

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  3. IMG_0309.JPG
    Comparison of turquoise and last year’s blue
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  4. well, that is one GORGEOUS trench coat! Claire Voie in Turquoise slays beautifully. Tres tres chic! I love how vibrant the colors are. Definitely pack this for your trip to Paris! :biggrin:

    I still go back and forth on these color options, lol.

    For tote bags, I have the black/tan PM, plus a Neverfull with that vibrant magenta pink Pivoine interior. This Goyard Pink in Voie adds a more "macaron" pink, plus i have a few pink SLG's that match -- could i possibly be a Pink gal after all? Goyard chose to do a more neutral pink, which would transition nicely through many seasons.

    On the other hand, this Goyard Turquoise, especially against the Black pattern, would be a new color to my collection, adding a fresh Blue that I'm not sure how to work with... yet. It's a dynamic color against that classic black pattern. Because I wear a lot of neutrals, this Turquoise would punch it all up a notch, especially for spring/summer, here in Southern California!

    I could use BOTH, but I can only pick one!

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  5. I would go with the pink..seems more neutral and it’s very pretty against the black chevron. I think you could use it year round.
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  6. I love the pink! Thinking of adding one for myself! How are the handles on the PM? I have a St. Louis in the GM and I can wear comfortably. Some have said the handles on the PM aren't as long.
  7. Hi! How much is this in US and Paris? Thanks
  8. I only know US price. $1750 for PM, $1985 for GM
  9. Thank you for the quick reply!
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  10. So pretty! Do you know if the boutique in Beverly Hills (I assume since you mentioned Southern California) still has these in stock?
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  11. Yes, my closest boutique is the one on Rodeo in Beverly Hills. I asked my SA for you - and she said she will have more next week. :smile:
  12. I don’t have the GM to compare, but the Claire Voie PM is exactly the same dimensions as my classic St. Louis PM. What’s different is the exterior color combo, plus the interior color appears to be painted on, so it has a stiffer texture. I think this gives the canvas a little more structure. Brand new, the bag and handles actually stand up — unlike my older PM. But I wonder if this will all become softer / smoochier over time. HTH.
  13. Oh yay thank you! I haven’t bought from that boutique, the last time I bought was when they had one in the Neimans. Can I have your SA’s contact info? Do you know if I can reserve one?
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  14. Thank you!
  15. Beautiful bags. Is the blue no longer available?
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