does anyone have pics of the new Goyard st louis claire tote?

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  1. I saw the pink one in HK going for $14000 however they require you to engrave it.. which takes 4 weeks. I would have grabbed it if they would ship it back to Canada
  2. Oh pink! Was this at a Goyard US boutique by chance?
  3. was this in the us?? I just called goyard nyc and they said they haven't received anything?
  4. Both the turquoise and the pink Claire-Voie are being offered in the US. They are typically offered first to VIP clients with any remaining stock being offered next to the general public.
  5. It launches May 1st according to my SA in Miami.
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  6. I'm in love with these special edition colors. I got a pink Claire-Voie last month and I'm wondering what other colors will be available and when. Since the original launch was the summer of 2018, I'm wondering if there will be another launch this summer. Or is Goyard only offering the pink this year?
  7. The 2019 Claire Voie colors in my boutique are rose and turquoise.

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  8. Great. Thank you so much! The person I spoke to in nyc said she didn’t know anything about it:smile:
  9. The turquoise looks so similar to the blue from last year that I have
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  10. My Bergdorf’s SA in NYC hadn’t heard anything about it either. I’m wondering if they are exclusive to the freestanding boutiques.
  11. I think the 2018 version was exclusive to goyard boutiques
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  12. that's exactly what i thought when i saw it........
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  13. This pink is amazing!!!!
  14. Which color did you decide on? I can’t decide!
  15. I decided on the turquoise GM because I had really wanted the blue last year. Last year's blue was deeper but the turquoise is close. It's really gorgeousl! The rose is also beautiful and I'm not usually a pink person.
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