does anyone have pics of the new Goyard st louis claire tote?

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  1. Second here. When i first saw the green and yellow in Goyard Singapore, the first thing that came to my mind are "jungle" and "pineapple" (not in a nice way)! :biggrin:
  2. Does anyone know if these come in both PM and GM? and what is USD retail?
  3. PM and GM. GM costs $2070
  4. do you know how much pm is?
  5. Sorry I do not otherwise I would have included! :smile:
  6. So, when I stopped by Paris on Saturday, both 233 and 352 were out. Further the Goyard at Printempsnwas also out. So I bought other things.
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  7. I was at the store in Seoul last week and they still had a yellow pm and red gm. I left with the yellow, it was so striking IMO. Can't remember the price in won but it was about $1600 USD.
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  8. Hi everyone,
    I am looking for a St. Louis claire voie tote in blue GM. Does anyone know where I can find one to purchase?
  9. You can call any boutique in the US to check availability. They can check inventory nationwide and facilitate a purchase if the item is available.
  10. Yes, I did, they said it is sold out. I'm hoping to find one on the second hand market.
  11. I just bought one from fashionphile - they have had a few pop up over the last month. Unfortunately it was well over retail :sad:. I called all stores in the US and France and it seems like all styles/colors are sold out now ...
  12. I just sold my yellow pm to fashionphile... It was too beautiful for me to use!
  13. I am considering a 2019 claire voie, for those that purchased last year how are the handles and canvas holding up? I've seen so many issues with handles and the St. Louis, wondering if this is a good buy.
  14. Claire voie is thicker in material because of the innner paint. Its handles are the same as St Louis.

    The 2019 version is out - and they introduce turquoise and pink!
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  15. Thanks for the info! I've been on the list for a year and was just contacted yesterday with pics from my SA. Was totally shocked that he saved my info since I was only in once last year to inquire about the claire voie. I'm going today to look and possibly purchase.
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