does anyone have pics of the new Goyard st louis claire tote?

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  1. just wondering if anyone has pics of the 5 different colors this comes in? I would like to order one...but the boutique won't send pics...thank you!
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  2. I was wondering about this too. I have only seen the St Louis Claire Voie in yellow and blue on Goyard’s IG account.

    I am also wondering how It is different from the Anjou. Has anyone here seen it irl?
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  3. I think they're computer generated images but Bagaholic boy has nice write up about the tote.

    This summer, Goyard is giving its icon a huge makeover by adding tiny coloured triangles within the label’s signature Goyardine to give it that ‘see-through’ illusion. Which is also what ‘claire voie’ in the name of the bag means, literally translated as letting light through. So how does it let light through, you ask. Well, the chevron bit of the monogram, which usually comes in black, has been painted with the same colour as the lining, which makes it seem like it’s either cut out, or see-through. Get it?


    A fully reversible tote, the Saint Louis Claire Voie is essentially a canvas on canvas offering that’s offered in 5 vibrant colours that comprise Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow along with the one in Red that’s shown above. This is also a truly limited release, which also means once these bags are gone, they will be gone forever.

    The good news? The Saint Louis Claire Voie is currently available at Goyard Singapore and comes in 2 sizes. The PM measures 48 cm by 28 cm while the GM is at 58 cm by 33 cm. Priced at SGD2340 and SGD2660 respectively, you might want to head down stat before they are truly all sold out.
  4. I hear that it's more flexible and has less structure like a St. Louis than the Anjou.
    Same bag as St. Louis but has the peek through illusion of the inside color
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  5. I just bought a blue GM while in Paris - it’s very much like the St Louis. Pics attached IMG_7505.jpg IMG_7506.jpg
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  6. May I ask how much is your GM Clarie Voie bag? and how much is the PM in euro?
  7. omg this blue is so pretty.... did they have a lot of this in stock at the paris store? I am going there next weekend!
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  8. Yes, please let us know the price.
  9. Thank you so much! It’s so beautiful!!! Much easier to see how nice it is in a real photo instead of the insta pics
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  10. Hi all - the price for the GM was 1230 I believe, I can check later (I’m out and about in Paris and it’s all packaged up for customs.) I didn’t ask about the PM price as I prefer the GM size. I believe the wonderful SA I spoke to said it was 100€ more than the reg St Louis in colors (non classic.)

    I loved the blue. There was at least one more blue PM out - I MAY have taken the last GM (if she was correct on inventory and it’s possible there’s another hiding.)
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  11. I did not go in expecting to buy anything and this bag immediately caught my eye. I saw all of the colors but the blue sang to me.
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  12. IMG_20180511_000655.jpg IMG_20180511_000639.jpg just picked up a red GM and am totally in love
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  13. May I this size is exact same as the original St Louis GM and PM? and the texture also?

    anyone know the exact price?
    thanks a lot
  14. Yes exactly same size as original Saint Louis. Shape wise it feels slightly stiffer than the original as the inside is double coated (colour applied on the original interior canvas). Outside texture feels the same as original. Can't remember exact price of PM which is $18XX and GM is $2070 in the US. SA said they're selling quick in the US as well as each store only got a very small number of each colour.
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  15. Your bag is beautiful! I just ordered the blue as well! It was a tough color to find. Can’t believe how fast these bags are selling out!! Thank you so much for posting the pics!
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