does anyone have pics of the mini paddy?


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Nov 18, 2005
so, i pre-ordered the mini paddy in silver from net-a-porter and they've emailed me to say it'll be available this week. but i'm unsure about the size. its hard to tell from the pics on the chloe, nap and lvr websites. does anyone have one and have pics to share? or has anyone held one? i thought the regular size paddy looked a little large for me (i'm petite), but i'm worried the mini is too small and maybe that the proportions of the bag didn't translate to the small size very well. help?!? :oh:

here is the pic of off you can tell proportion because the mini is next to the regular.​


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hfxshopgirl said:
thanks loganz! i saw those picks on the websites, but i'm really interested in seeing it carried. i hope someone has one...

oh, sorry - you may be one of the first to be owning one; I don't think it is too small; but, probably too small for a shoulder bag if that is what you wanted.
Hi there, Unfortunately I haven't got a pic of some one carrying a mini, but my friend has got the mini anthracite and it is a gorgeous thing... so much so it took me a age to decide whether to go for the mini myself. In the end I went for the medium size as there is hardly any difference in price and I personally think the mini is more of an evening bag unless you don't carry a lot during the day. I carry everything bar the kitchen sink tho!!! But the mini definitely a beautiful bag and I think it would be the next paddy I buy :smile:
I have 2 minis and ordered a third in Aicer from LVR. I also have the regular Paddy in ivory, with another couple on the way from LVR. I am 5'3" and fairly fine-boned. The ivory Paddy looks slightly large for me, but possibly because it is such a light colour. I always find myself slightly conscious of its size if I am dressed very casually. On the other hand, my tan and jaune minis are the perfect size because they look fine dressed-up or dressed-down, even with shorts. I find the minis can comfortably hold a wallet, phone, keys, small agenda, and some small items of make-up. The regular Paddy is like a cavern to me because I only bring my wallet, phone and keys around most times.

But I have come to realize that whether a person suits a large or small bag also depends on one's bone structure. Besides the physical size of the bag, the details on the bag itself also matters. The Paddy has relatively fine details (apart from the lock), not huge chunky buckles like the Fendi B (or is it D?) bag, so it can suit people who are finer-boned. Some petite people have bigger bones, so they would be look okay with bigger and chunkier.

Hope this helps. Sorry, but I prefer not to pose for pictures.
The mini is cute! But I don't think it will fit over your shoulders, not comfortably, anyway.. The large doesn't sit comofortably on me :Push: so I just wear her on my arm =)