Does anyone have pics of the inside of a speedy?

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  1. Do all the Speedys look the same inside? Is there a zip compartment? Do they have a suede interior? Im querying as on the website, they dont show the interiors of the bags.

    If you could describe Id love to hear or even better if you have any pics, Id love to see.

  2. I only know about the monogram. There the interior is: cottonlike brown lining, an open compartment (under it is the datecode) and on the other side is a d-ring where you can hook in a pochette or key chain. But when you go to you'll find the details in the catalogue. Sorry I've problems with digital camera so I can't post pics.:sad2:
    The MC white has a raspberry alcantara lining (synthetical suede) and the black is kind of a grey alcantara.
  3. depending on which speedy you want...

    in mono and multi, like tanja said

    in epi, apparently (i found this out thanx to the other thread) that they don't always look the same as reg. mono, they now have the larger pocket and cell pocket. the inside will match the bag color.
  4. Thanks Tanja
  5. Anyone know what lining the damier speedy will have? orange alcantara lining?

  6. Terracotta alcantara lining would be nice. But for some reason, I think they just might go with the canvas lining. We'll see...
  7. Here is the pic of the Cerises (the inside is the same as all the other mono ones):

    And here is the inside of the multi (in black):

    I hope this helps.:biggrin:
  8. I think (dont quote me) it will have the orange canvas lining.
  9. For some reason I think the damier speedy will have red interior. I think I saw a SO damier on ebay and it had red lining.
  10. it would be nice if it had the red alcantara like the duomo
  11. thanks so much everyone
  12. I second the request for pictures of the speedy interior especially along the pipping/seams.