does anyone have pics of new lamnbskin vs. old?

  1. I have finally decided that I will not be practical and I will get the black medium flap that I love which is lambskin and now the only question is which lambskin? I know what the traditional one looks like but not the new. Does it have any noticeably different texture? Or does it look the same but just more durable? If anyone has pics that would be so helpful!!

    Also, if there is a new lambskin do you think that means they are no longer producing the traditional one?

    This company sometimes drives me crazy because you have to do an awful lot of due diligence before getting what you really want!!
  2. I didn't know they made "new" lambskin? Are you referring to a difference between lambskin on vintage bags and on newer bags? Or.. maybe you're actually thinking of New vs. Old Caviar?
  3. I am not sure, a post mentioned it and I cannot find it now. I hope it is not true because I LOVE the original lambskin!
  4. I've read there are different styles of lambskin (i.e. glazed, perforated..) but since you're getting a classic medium flap, I assumed it was the "regular" lambskin. Perhaps you could look up photos in the flap reference thread and get a better idea?
  5. There is 'washed lambskin' which is what the s/s08 light pink and navy flaps will be. According to my MN SA, this lambskin is more durable than traditional lambskin.

    Personally, it doesn't "feel" as luxurious even tho' it's still really soft and touchable.