does anyone have pics of mastic day/brief

  1. hi all, I'm in a real pickle. I passed on sandstone no regrets - now I'm considering mastic and would like to get it in day or brief BUT I'm also thinking should I wait for sahara?

    I'm going back & forth between the get now/ wait for later and what if everything is gone when i do want mastic. I sorta had this panic moment with sandstone but eventually went with my gut and got truffle which is just :heart::wlae:

    how do you guys do it- all this wondeful choices to pick from.

    i have not seen a mastic brief or day so any pics might help.

    thanks so much.
  2. There is a mastic day on eBay... it's lovely
  3. thanks all, now on to drool :drool: and more indecision!