Does anyone have pics of inside thier GST's?

  1. I would love to see what it holds. I tried putting all of my stuff in the Jumbo flap and it didnt fit, I was wondering if the gst would hold a long wallet, make up bag, blackberry, cell phone, small LV pouchettte and still have room for files?
  2. this is the best I have, I know there's a photo recently posted of someone's GST filled full w/ files in it.
    Hopefully this will do until better pics come along:
  3. thanks swanky, it looks quite roomy.
  4. Not the best picture, but here is a picture of mine. It is very roomy.
  5. there is someone here you filled it full w/ sample binders? it all fit
  6. Here is the beige I returned- as you can see it is pretty much open and roomy. I normally carry a long wallet, pouch with pens, pills, lip glosses- cell phone, purse hanger, keys (I have a bunch), pack of tissues, a soft sunglass case and still have PLENTY of room!
  7. oops-forgot to say I got the black one instead