Does anyone have pics of future prints? =\

  1. Does anyone have pictures of the prints Tutti, Transporto, Famiglia and Vancaze?
  2. Search the forum with those keywords - I am sure you will find them...
    They were posted waaaaaay back before
  3. [​IMG]

  4. lol let's edit that pic to say "famiglia"
  5. Hahahaha. Sorry about that typo!

    But there's no edit button on that post! Yikes! :s
  6. LOL. fagmilia. nice xD

    actually...the more i stare at it, the more it grows on me...NEED. TO. STOP. LOOKING.
  7. lolz, fagmilia matches that print better.

    Whoever wants to see the future prints, except Vancanze (sp?) then you can EMAIL me. DO NOT PM ME, I will IGNORE you.