Does anyone have pics of Balenciaga stores?

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  1. I've never been to a Balenciaga Store except for the one in Hong Kong. I know this is a weird request, but I'd like to see pictures of the other stores to see if they are just as poorly designed and renovated as the one in Hong Kong.

    For those that have never been to the store in Central, my first time walking in was the same as entering an emptied swimming pool with odd racks of clothing and bags hanging from the tiled walls. It really is the oddest high-end stores I've ever been to. My aunt compared it to a sauna, my mother compared it to a bathroom. I personally think it looks like an indoor wading pool. :yucky:

    I wish I had pictures, but they won't allow people snapping photos.
  2. go to and click on stores, they have pics of all their stores there
  3. that sounds like the one in ny too! its not very shopping friendly..
  4. from what I've seen in pics of bags at the NYC store, it looks like it has a kind of cold warehouse aesthetic ... with the cement floors and cement benches.
  5. NY reminds me of a stark, austere, industrialized cave.
  6. thanks ladies!
    i'll check out the site, balnewbie :biggrin:

    I think I'd prefer cement to white, blue and yellow tiles tho.
  7. This HK sop seems like the Paris shop. I think they should do something about that, their image would be so much better if they redecorated all these shops.
  8. i've been to the shops in Paris and NY... I'd say that they all give a cold,negative vibe, but the one in Paris is a little more friendly. and they all remind me of caves. they could use some remodelling. and if they wanna keep their underground, cool thing they could do something like Marni, which is still avant guarde but not so cold.
  9. They've made some remodelling in Bal Paris this summer:yes: ...
    Paintings +they changed the bag display and put it just in front of the door...
    but the Boutique is still cold :s ...

    The big revolution will come from the Printemps : they had a small corner...and now (or soon don't remember if it's open this week, previous or next) we 'll have a real boutique in The Printemps du Luxe:yahoo:
  10. Fromparis, the bal boutique at the printemps is open since saturday.
  11. Thanks for the info Badbanana !!!
    I was completely out of b-world for this last 2 weeks...grrrr
  12. I like the look of the NY store...I view it as a very minimalist, industrial work of art. Balenciaga isn't a "girly" brand so I think the store fits the image. :yes:
  13. Fromparis and Badbanana, I have seen the new corner in primtemps du luxe. So and so. It's just a corner and that's what it looks like. Nothing comparable to a boutique. What do you think?

    I have been to the exhibition in the newly opened Musée des arts décoratifs de la mode et du textile (which is great if you like Haute Couture, no bags, but that's another story) anyway, I would say that even if it is a great well organised exhibition, a couple of small nothings would have done miracles (mirrors to see the hidden side of the dresses for instance)

    As a conclusion I would say that Balenciaga needs AT LEAST to invest in a great visual merchandiser, but a good architect is seriously advisable as well:wtf: .