Does Anyone have pics for the coin wallet and le companion?

  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to get a wallet, but i'm not sure which one to pick, can anyone please kindly post pics of coin wallet and le companion or mini companion or money so that i can see the difference?

    Thanks for all the help
  2. You can check atelier naff for pics of all 3 of these. I know the compagnon is the largest, then the money, then the coin purse.
  3. Hmm
    I was looking at it, but i can't seem to see the inner part of all the wallets....
  4. Here is a white coin wallet I have:
    balwallet.JPG balwallet1.JPG balwallet2.JPG balwallet5.JPG
  5. I really love your white coin wallet!!!
  6. Becca, great wallet! Mymelody, the coin wallet Becca pictured is just fantastic, and the mirror is very cool : ) It's also perfect to just grab and head out the door to run an errand. I wish you well,
  7. LOVE! :heart:

    How much was it, Becca? I've never seen this before, is it a new style?
  8. Thank you Becca. the coin wallet in white is super Gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for the pics!!
  9. Wow...the white coin purse is lovely....:smile:
  10. Good is on the atelier.naff website. Here is a pic of the one they have up:

    [​IMG]It is a great functional wallet, especially for the price. :smile:

    Retail is $395.00