Does anyone have pics carrying their Birkin (35cm or larger) over their shoulder?

  1. I was wondering what it looked like to carry a 35cm or 40cm birkin over the shoulder? Is it possible or are the straps too short? Any pics of anyone carrying their birkin this way would be extremely helpful.
  2. One must have skinny arms to carry a Birkin this way. I can get one handle, the one closest to me, over my upper arm, if I have on thin clothing. This is not comfortable and just works for a short time for a little rest.
    Unless you are quite thin, do not count on carrying a Birkin this way.
  3. Here is a pic of our own Star (from her collection thread) with her 35cm Birkin on her shoulder:


    And here is a pic of Ashley Olsen with her 35 cm (I think) Birkin worn on the shoulder:

  4. Hey miss H_Addict I see you finally crosed over to the H side:graucho:
    I can't wait to join next month:devil:
  5. I also just found these pics of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy with her Birkin worn on the shoulder:


    011.jpg 07.jpg
  6. LOL!!! Glad to hear you'll be joining us on the orange side VERY soon!!!:yahoo:
  7. ya im getting a HAC!:nuts: :wlae:
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Ohhh I LOVE the CBK pics with her birkin ! :heart:
  10. those all look bigger than a 35
  11. i think some of the birkins above are size 40 which has longer straps, but star's is a 35 birkin. she's so thin! :smile:

    my birkin won't fit over my shoulder and it's pretty heavy and bulky so it wouldn't be too comfortable if it could!

    congrats on the HAC, LMM! did you decide size/color yet?
  12. yep I want a 38cm or 40cm HAC GH Gold any leather but preffer something sturdy I just wanna get my paws on one:nuts:
  13. ooooooooooooooooh gold! that will be nice. let us know when you get it. and i think, for the purposes of this thread, that the HAC handles are shorter than the birkin's?
  14. yep it's taller than the birking and the handles are shorter and it's relativelly larger, we are a match made in heaven:love: