Does anyone have pic of Neverfull GM on shoulder?

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  1. I've never seen the GM IRL.
    Does anyone own it and post pics of it on their shoulder?
    I can't get a sense of how big it really it!
  2. have you tried the LV clubhouse??
  3. well i'm 5'4" and 42 kg
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    it might look huge on me but i like it huge LOL
  4. ^ WOW... that IS huge!
  5. Holy Jamoly! But if you like 'em big - then ":woohoo:".....
  6. It does look big! Nice bag though. Love it! Maybe you can post another pics with the sides pulled in?
    I just bought the Neverfull GM so we'll see. I can always resell.
    THANKS for these!:tup:
  7. No. Will try that! THANKS!!!!:smile:
  9. It looks amazing on you.