does anyone have photos of previous dior shows?

  1. pardon me if this is not an appropriate thread to post. i'm hoping that some of the PFers here who have an interest in dior's bags might have an interest in their clothing line too.

    i'm trying to find pictures of dior's haute couture lines from 1997 to 2000 (since only has a catalogue from 2001) and particularly the s/s 1998 haute couture line (and '97 too, since that was galliano's first collection for dior). i'd be most grateful if anyone could send me whatever pictures they might have from that period. :yes:

    thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. Pictures from those earlier shows are pretty hard to find for free... I think firstview (which you have to subscribe to) has those... not completely sure though.
  3. ^ :yes: you're right Justinleaddict. I couldn't find the dior shows on firstview though (although i found mcqueen, but they aren't all free to view?).

    jenniferpaige: thanks for the recommendation, i've already tried and they have a backlog till 2000 only.

    nonetheless, thanks for helping me out everyone!
  4. hmm.. i asked someone at a while ago. According to her, "All shows (both haute couture & ready-to-wear) from Fall 1995 to Spring 2003, and also Fall 2003 Ready-to-Wear." are available on firstview if u have a subscription :smile: