Does anyone have Paypal codes?

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  1. Hi and happy saturday!
    Does anyone have any valid paypal coupons? mucho mucho thanks :smile:

  2. i have some on my blog under the "blue light specials" section. hope they work. good luck.
  3. thank you! you just saved me $25!!
  4. trufflesbang, I checked out your blog. It's wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  5. Just in time for my purchases. Thanks for sharing your info!
  6. Where are the PayPal codes? I couldn't find them. Or have they expired?
  7. Great! Just saved money on a paypal purchase! Thanks!
  8. do they only work on things purchased from ebay?
  9. yes. fashion items from ebay, pay with paypal
  10. Thanks for posting the codes in your blog.. unfortunately they didn't work for (on a fashion purchase too !). I think maybe it has something to do with how my account is international. Boo.. :sad:
  11. yeah it doesn't work for Canadian account holders.
  12. they're only for U.S., sorry.
  13. I couldn't find it on your page any more. Do you still have the Paypal codes theITbag?
  14. ^^the page is no longer available :[
  15. no, they expired. i've been so busy with my move that i haven't been updating my blog. sorry. i promise after july, i will be back on it.