Does anyone have &/or seen a Carbon Fiber Birkin ?

  1. I love the sporty look and durability and the lightweighness of carbon fiber. It is also very masculine looking. Since I found this material to be listed in the "Reference: Hermes (groupies) Leather Book" thread, I hope that Hermes will be able to use this material to make a Birkin.


    If anyone has anything H made of Carbon Fiber, please do me a HUGE favor and post some pics. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!
  2. I've only seen it in briefcases. Too rigid for a Birkin.
  3. I've never seen it IRL.
  4. I'd love to see one, I've only ever seen pics.
  5. This is cool!

    From a blogger: "Hermes is acknowledged as one of the most luxurious and prestigious brands in the world that offers a range of beautiful items from scarves to handbags and gloves to clothing. The carbon fiber briefcase from the house speaks of style, sleekness and lavishness. It has a carbon fiber outercase, tan leather inner lining and handle, 18K gold plated locks and classic styling. To make it more personal, the small plate on the briefcase can be engraved with your name initials. The carbon fiber briefcase is the just right thing for the executives to make a style statement. Only 500 units have been put into production and each carries a price tag of US $16,000."
    carbon fiber briefcase.jpg
  6. hmm I would love to see this on a bag...I do need carbon fiber for my car!
  7. never seen a birkin made from this material. if anyone has pics though i would love to see one