Does anyone have or like this bag????

  1. ok...I'm obviously bored and browsing on the Coach website AGAIN. I haven't seen any threads related to this bag so I thought I'd start one. What do you think about the new Legacy Shoulder flap, style # 11147. (sorry! How do you post a pic???) Anyone own one? thinking about one? seen one in person at the boutique? Also, according to the website descriptions (unless its an error) the leather version has legacy stripe interior but the signature version does not. Why wouldn't they put legacy lining in sig as well???
  2. I don't have it... it is the new replacement for the ali, I like the old ali better. As far as the legacy lining, not sure, but I know that signature bags will never have signature lining, but leather bags will, so maybe they do the same with the legacy lining? I am sure someone knows for sure. Nice bag though.
  3. oh....:idea: I didn't realize this was the "new" ali. Yes, I also like the old version better but still curious whether anyone has bought or considered this one. Now that I think about it, it would be a busy bag to have sig on the exterior and stripes on the interior! :wondering silly me!
  4. someone here has it, in leather.. let me see if I can find the link....
  5. Here's the style # from the OP!


    I think it's cute but I do agree I like Ali better...and I also agree I don't think any signature items ever have legacy lining, is that correct? That would be too OTT, IMO.
  6. thanks for posting the pic for me. How do you post pics?
  7. Anytime! From the Coach website I hit the 'enlarge image' view of the bag, right click and hit 'copy', then go to my post and right click again and hit 'paste.' Hope that helps :graucho:.
  8. OO I played with this bag last night @ the coach store. So niceee. The leather one that is.
  9. I may be in the minority here, but I like it much better than the Ali. I saw some of the leather ones and they are gorgeous!:smile:
  10. I'll consider it in Whiskey leather... just because I'm obsessed with legacy whiskey leather right now!
  11. oh! do tell! do tell! Is it roomy inside? Did you put it over your shoulder? Does it feel comfy? I've never played with this bag or the old Ali. I seem to be stuck on the ergo line! I was in the boutique yesterday buying the large ergo hobo which I love but noticed this baby hanging behind the sales counter. It caught my eye. Its different than what you see out there. I see so many carlys and hobos but this bag looks unique. I had my little tykes with me so I couldn't walk around the store and fondle all the yummy new goodies. I had to preshop on the website, and then do an in and out visit before my 3 and 6 year old wrecked the joint.
  12. thanks! let me do a test run....ok...when I click on "enlarge image" nothing is happening? ummm.......I'm trying to attach the image of the leather bag in clay. THats the one I'm liking! The clay looks completely diff IRL by the way. Its really a pretty color.
  13. :yahoo:[​IMG]

    oh!!! YIPPEE!!! I did it!
  14. I contemplated getting the leather version in clay, but decided against it because of the flap. I think the flap would ultimately annoy me... but then again, I mostly carry hobos and totes, which are very easy to get in and out of. It's a gorgeous bag, just the right size and shape, but just not practical for me because of the flap. My wallet is thanking me though! :lol:
  15. The "flap" is whats holding me back too. I've ONLY used totes and hobos with zippers like you, jennaflr, so I'm wondering if the flap would really be a bother. I did read that it has an open pocket on the back. I'm wondering if thats deep enought to put car keys in without creating a big ugly bulge?? It would be my most expensive bag EVER. So, I can't just love it, we have to be soulmates! LOL Any other enablers or DISenablers out there? :search: