Does anyone have or like Paspaley necklace?

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  1. I saw a single pearl pendent with Platinum chain necklace on Paspearly website.

    I am in love with it. Just called the Boutique in Australia and been told that it is AU$ 4,400

    Should I go for it? Please share your experience or pictures :yes:
  2. I have Paspaley pearls on a pair of custom made earrings and they are exquisite.
  3. anyone?
  4. Mai, I have a Paspaley necklace and also earrings and I love them, they are beautiful pearls!
  5. awww... thanku suzie
    do u have pictures?

    i want both of those single pearl in platinum[​IMG]

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  6. Here is my set.

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  7. they are gorgeous Suzie! I already have a couple pearl earrings. (not from paspaley)
    now i want a pearl necklace.

    have to go to the boutique on the weekend :smile:
  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! But isn't $4400 kind of high for one pearl?
  9. I guess being from Australia Im a bit biased..but I have travelled to Broome where a lot of Paspaley pearls come from and consumers tend to forget what it takes to achieve such a beautiful and almost perfect pearl.

    There are so many factors that can affect the nacre of the pearl which makes these beauties gemstones in their own right. Diamonds are formed by pressure and heat, but a pearl is an oysters hard work over many many months and sometimes as much as 6 years!! and while a diamond can be reshaped and polished, even if you lose some weight, the pearl farmer has to wait and hope that the stars line up and the pearl emerges with perfectly round dimensions and that exceptional rich, thick creamy nacre that makes Aussie south seas pearls the most coveted in the world.

    I say go for it! you wont regret it and will enjoy wearing such a unique expression of nature.
    I have a small but delicate pair of earrings and I cant wait to get a small strand to match, maybe on my next trip to Broome.

    ps: Kailis pearls are also harvested in Broome, so you could also look at their selection.

  10. Your pearls are stunning!!
  11. Gee I would continue to save and just a necklace in stead.:flowers:Love the Papspaley perals. Gorgeous!!!:tender:
  12. Suzie, that is a beautiful set. I am very covetous.

    OP - I think the pendant necklaces are gorgeous and although I don't own any Paspaley, they are, I think, the ultimate. Can you tell me what size the pearls are? Or do they offer different sizes for different price points? Those look nice and big but I could be misinterpreting the photo...

    A big, fat, glowy Paspaley pearl would be a beautiful thing.
  13. I went to the Boutique already.

    I try on the one on picture (2nd from the left) but in 18K WhiteGold

    it is 10mm south sea pearl
    pendent is AU$ 1,180 and AU$ 680 for the necklace = 1,860