Does anyone have or has seen a 28 retourne kelly in epsom?

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  1. Is so, does anyone have pictures? What are your impressions? Is is stiff, and if so how stiff? I assume the stiffness is similar to fjord, eg, stiffer than togo but not as stiff as box? I know you guys are tired of hearing me perserverate on this but...sister is leaving for Paris next week and I need to give her my wish list of bags. She tells me, better shot of a kelly than a birkin but she wants me to give her two or three choices. My first choice is black togo, but as second and third choices I am thinking about blue jean or natural epsom, as I like the way those colors look in epsom. I suppose the other alternatives are natural barenia or natural vache, although I feel those are such a long shot.
    I have a really nice sister by the way. She actually says she likes going to the store and is planning to go to both FSH and the other store.
  2. Here you go. cyclamen epsom 28cm retourne. she holds her shape really well but epsom can be a bit stiff when new so you may have difficulty in opening the bag or tightening the straps initially. I am not a huge fan of epsom but Epsom in cyclamen is lovely (and also in jaune which is a bright yellow)

  3. ^^ Gorgeous! :drool:
  4. You do have a nice sister! Good luck with getting the bag.
  5. archangel, that's beautiful!!

    jedimaster, the skins are always a matter of personal preference. I had a lovely 32 Epsom Kelly....and traded it with a friend. Sometimes I regret having done so but, at the time, knew very little about Epsom but felt it to be a little stiff.

    archangel is correct in that with a stiffer skin, you'll have to play with the straps a bit more to get them into place. But, as with with epsom and box calf which is both stiffer and soft ( if that makes sense?) I always love the crinkle sound of the straps as I tighten them. Something about that sound that just gets to me, in a good way!
  6. Reviving this thread. Has hermes recently released Retourne in Epsom leather? And how common is it nowadays? I really like Epsom and would be really cool to get a retourne in that leather one day
  7. I recently turned down a retourné in epsom, so it is definitely around. :smile:
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  8. I just saw a new one on eBay yesterday
  9. Theyre commonly found
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  10. Does anyone own one and is happy to share some photos?