does anyone have or has anyone seen this spy?

  1. I'm thinking about getting it but was wondering if anyone had pics. It's like the same size as the baby spy but it's the spy hobo? Thanks!

  2. I don't have one, but I have seen it in stores and it looks nice. I think I like it a little better than the baby spy, personally. I think a bunch just popped up on Bluefly the other day (different colors) and there are some on jomashop, too. Both of these places are selling them at a discount and allow for returns--I think you should try it out and post some pics!
  3. okay, i just bought the ivory one from bluefly. now i'm wondering if i should have bought the dark brown. ahhh! i'm so indecisive. i'll post pics when i get it.

  4. I think the ivory will be great for summer!

    PS--hope you used a coupon code for about 15% off--if not, I'd call and ask them to apply it. I think MISSEDYOU211 is working right now.

    PPS--be sure to post pics when you get it. Some people have had problems with bluefly, but I just got an authentic Bottega Veneta from them, so I think they are ok in terms of authenticity.
  5. Get the brown one. Ivory is great for summer but you will get dirty fast and it will become a piece of junk comes next summer.
  6. I did use the coupon code so the total came out to $768. And I clicked through ******! Thanks!
  7. Thanks; I was looking everywhere for this! :smile:
  8. starsgarb

    It was actually MISSEDYOU110 that worked for me the other day. My bad!
  9. I own this bag in chocolate brown. It is very nice, fits perfectly over the shoulder. I have always heard it called a Pocket Spy, because it has a pocket with a spyglass on it. The pocket is a good size for your cell phone. It has a smaller capacity than the regular spy bag, but has the same great Nappa feel. Very pleased with the bag. :yes:

    Be careful with the spy glass, because of where it sits on the bag, it can scratch more easily than regular spy bag. :sad:
  10. I've seen this once when the SA recommended it to me. The leather is (as usual) gorgeous but I was looking for something bigger at that time.