Does Anyone Have One of These Yet?

  1. Do you have any pictures of it? Modeling pictures, or anything? Thanks!

  2. oh and just FYI it's the new black/gunmetal combo. #11098 $268 (i think)
  3. Mine is in the mail! I hope I like the color combo in real life. I ordered the medium size reversible tote (it's not on the web site) but not sure of the style number.
  4. Here's it Sunday (last day of PCE)...I have the wallet being shipped to me as the SA couldn't find it in the back

    this is the smaller tote, 11098...and it's prettier in real life vs. pictures IMO. the stripe is gorg! (the hardware is silver btw)

    for reference i'm 5'9"

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    interior (love how it has the cell/multifunction pockets, last year's reversible ones didn't have those)