Does anyone have one of the new Kelly portefeuille/wallet?

  1. Hi everyone. I was in Paris over the weekend (bliss!) and saw in the store on Av George V a Kelly wallet in fuschia togo. The SA said it is a new style. It was utterly gorgeous. The plan had been that I would get a new Chanel wallet for Christmas but the Kelly meant my plan fell by the wayside. Before I part with the the best part of £1000/$2000, I wondered if anyone else has one and, if so, whether they've had any problem with the clasp catching, say, on your clothes or your bag. TIA.

  2. Dear Ms. KB:

    You just need to take couple sec. more to get use to its style.

    The card slot is easily accessible and fits a TONS of stuff in the wallet and does NOT even look bulcky!!!

    As long as you are not wearing a knitted sweater that has big stitches or if you put the wallet in your bags, then it's fine...

    I just LOVE it!!!

    Hope this info helps....
  3. I would love to see a photo of the inside of it, to see how much it can hold? I love the look of this wallet, but am also concerned about the turnlock part tearing up/scratching the interior of my bags.
  4. I don't know anything about the wallet...but those are really cute puppies!!!
  5. I just saw this wallet too last week on Rodeo. Absolutely gorgeous and it looks like it really could hold A LOT! I would love to see more pictures of it if anyone gets it!!!
  6. Yep. I have one in Rouge H Chevre with PH. I am going to use it as a clutch instead of wallet though. I find opening and closing of the buckle is a bit cumbersome. I do agree this wallet holds a lot!
  7. Thanks for your all your replies. The only one currently for sale in the UK is choc croc with diamonds so a little (!) out of my price range but I decided that I had to have one so I rang Paris yesterday to try to buy the wallet I saw last weekend and get them to send it to me in the UK. They usually will mail stuff but yesterday they said "no can do" becuse it's Christmas and they don't have enough staff to deal with mail order! This seems illogical to me as it's my gift to myself LOL! They wouldn't even agree to let me pay for it now and wait for the busy period to finish before sending it!! Mean, mean, mean!!!

    And GM, I can see you're a GR lover like me. My Max (a little sadly no longer a puppy but middle aged at 6!) is the lighter of the two in the photo. Are both in your photo your dogs? They're sooo cute.

  8. It is actually very roomy inside - almost like an azap. I am still debating how I will use it. With my Buy Now, ask questions later policy, I hadn't really thought about the clasp catching or scratching the inside of my bag until a fellow tpfer mentioned it when we were at the boutique and I made the purchase... :p

    I guess, one option is to use it as an everyday clutch - for quick errands - going to the bank, Starbucks and the like. Or for those luncheons when I don't want need to carry a bag... Mine is a vert anis chevre mysore with ph.
  9. I definitley endorse that policy as I sit here wishing I'd followed it last Saturday! Don't suppose you've got time to post a couple of pics of the interior to remind me of what I missed?


  10. Dear Kellybirkin, Yes, I LOVE GOLDENS!!! Ranger is 9 and Abby is 4...but now that Rang is on arthritis meds...he's acting like a puppy again. Which, Abby loves. It sounds like they are tigers when they start pulling on the same toy. Yours are darling...