Does anyone have Noe????

  1. hi~ Im thinking to get Petit or Mini Noe since SA show me yesterday..
    I tried Petit Noe and it was quiet big but nice..I normally don't wear bag around shoulder only hand carry but that was too nice:rolleyes: and fits alot.. My concern is drawstring and bottom of the bag.. Do i need special care for this??
    SA told me that Noe is getting really popular these days.....
    Does anybody has Petit Noe??? Is this really nice bag to use??
    what abt MIni noe?? :confused1::confused1: If someone show me the pictures of wearing that will be great!;);)
  2. check out this thread, i'm sure you'll find several modelling the noe/ petit

    if you're buying new you might want to be careful with the bottom, as with any bag not putting it down on the ground/ floor stuff like that.

    as for the drawstring its not a big bother at all.

    the mini monogram noe is only handheld and very small. is a pic' of Irene with the petit noe.
    280004497124_0.jpg petit_noe.JPG
  3. I have a LV Epi noe last 11 years ago. At that time I did like it a lot (lot of people in my country used it) but not for now. That's the only one that I have.

    PS: Mini Noe is really cute. I once think to bought it but I don't like normal LV monogram pattern.
  4. I have the regular and petit noe. I've been using the petit nearly everyday for work; the drawstring takes a while to get used to, but it's not a bother to me. For the bottom you might have to be extra careful where you place your bag. Even though I bought my petit noe used, I always put it on a clean book (never the ground).

    The thing I like about my petit noe is that I hardly see anyone with it; I always see the speedy or BH. I really like it as a work/shopping bag because I find it easy to get into and I can fit a ton of stuff inside (sweater, scarf, wallet, agenda, etc....).

    I think a pfer has a mini noe...I don't know where it is, though. That bag holds a lot, too! I kinda wish I had one...
  5. i have the multicolore petit noe and I :heart: it!! When I first got it, I thought it was a lil big but now, I love that I can just bring along whatever I need and tote it around in my bag.
  6. I just got the Petit Noe and love it! It holds a ton!

    I'm actually keeping a washcloth in my bag to rest on when she's out to keep the vachetta clean. I paranoid like that.