Does anyone have more information on the new purple Epi color that's suppose to

  1. come out? Any idea what shade of purple it will be, or if it's purple at all?

    I'm really hoping it will be similar to the Lilac color.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. I hope it comes out soon.
  3. I would love to see a rich, royal purple!
  4. OOOHH me too, ROYAL PURPLE! I will get one if it is dark!
  5. No further news about it yet.
  6. me too! :yes:
  7. Can't wait to see it
  8. I want to get a new bag in Epi, don't have any of that line yet.

    so I'm kinda waiting for the new color to come out, hope it's a beautiful colore
  9. Excellent idea! Super rich Purple epi! :nuts:
  10. Unfortunately no more news on it. I asked the SA about it a while ago and she said that they have not received news about it...
  11. I would love anything purple ... well almost, but definitely LV:tup:
  12. i saw a new epi color listed on some epi items in the new catalogue. its written as "myrtille". Anyone knows what color is this? Is it a new epi color to be launch?
  13. Myrtille is old, a pretty blue. Guess it is still available for some items. I want an epi lockit - myrtille would be great, but no.
  14. thanks kathyy. i had a red epi lockit and its just fantastic for weekdays n weekends!...
  15. I agree, I would get a new bag in purple - either a soft pastel one or a deep royal one. I think the Jasmin will look nice lighter and the Lockit would be hot it the deeper shade. I'll continue to wait ............