Does anyone have more info on this new cotton Jersey flap?

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  1. Judging from the photo, it looks to be cotton fabric. I saw the small flaps at the boutique in BH and they told me it didn't come in a bigger size but alas it looks like it has.

    I love this bag! Does anyone have any info on it? The price?

  2. oooh, there was a pic of this in either my Bazaar or Vogue or Elle of July i think, the price was reasonable for Chanel , $1595 or was in an article re: new It bags................don't know the size, but i love it
  3. ^ Oooh do you have a scan of it or something!?!?
  4. Anyone else? :sad:
  5. I just tried this bag on this morning! I was looking at a classic East West Flap (for evenings) and the SA told me the Jersey Flap was a better choice. I really liked it, but didn't get it, because it was the same price as the leather bag. I'll have to think about it.