Does anyone have modeling photos of the 5120s?

  1. I have searched and unless I'm just blind, I've only found 1 thread. I would kill to see these on more people. $325 doesn't seem to bad for them. I just would really like to see these on "real" people if possible.
  2. Here ya go...I found pics in this thread:

  3. Oh...never mind...I guess you wanted pics of MORE people other than the above...oh well. [​IMG]
  4. Thank you anyway, I appreciate it.
  5. PS Does anyone have a style number for these other than 5120?
  6. i :heart: these so much! :love: i have the tortoise/havana color and im thinking of getting a black pair too. this website has them at SUCH an awesome price... $246! no taxes, just $8.95 shipping :tup: they have the havana/tortoise color, the black w/white color, and the light brown color. and, a bit pricey but very cool, they can make any of the sunglasses prescription sunglasses for the non-contact wearing gals here :yahoo: im thinking of getting it done with the next pair i buy
  7. :love: heres a couple pix of me wearing them :upsidedown::p
    our camera 098.jpg our camera 102.jpg
  8. you are so cute...thanks for sharing your lovely pic. LOVES

  9. :shame: aww... thanks :smile: made my day :lol:
  10. Holy sunnies, those look wonderful on you! Beautiful pictures of a very lovely girl!
  11. you are all so sweet, making me blush :shame:
  12. Holy moly...they look great on you! I tried them on and they looked absolutely ridiculous. Round face, round glasses, it was idiotic. I couldn't get my daughter to stop laughing. It was soooo embarrassing.
  13. lol My mom tried mine on and she looked like a fly or something. I suppose I may look like a fly too... but a glamourous fly. ; ) I posted mine in the reference library (no modeling photos though.)
  14. I bought these yesterday and my whole family, including my hubby, thought they looked so funny on me. They look so cute on everyone's pics in this thread....
  15. I can't wait to receive mine too since i haven't tried it before....hehe

    However, i've seen some of the pfer's modeling pics, it looks nice on them not sure abt me.

    At least i don't have to pin my hope for the S5018 and i'm really contented with the 5120 sunnies~