Does anyone have LV luggage???

  1. LV luggage is gorgeous but, after having had my luggage lost I would be too afraid to have such expensive luggage lost or stolen. Now a carry on is fine because you have it with you on the plane or train and you can use it has a weekend bag. Would love LV luggage but, would probably not buy it for that reason. I guess I will stick with my samsonite. Usually you only see celebs with full LV luggage sets. I guess they get VIP treatment and have an entourage to care for their stuff. Plus they could afford new stuff if it got lost. Does anyone else feel the same way? I love the old LV trunks they are stunning as well.
  2. I have a Mono Keepall 60 which cannot be carried on. I would never take it on any trips unless we were going to drive to our destination. You hear horror stories about people's luggage getting stolen and or singled out. I would rather be safe than sorry.
  3. A carry on is fine but I think LV/Gucci/Dior whatever monogramed luggage screams, "GO THROUGH MY STUFF!" I would rather have my trusty Samsonite hard luggage. No one goes through that because it's such a common piece of luggage to make judgement on the contents.
  4. Oh, I would really love to have a keepall, it's so classic and gorgeous..! :love: But I don't think I'll get it anyway as I'm the same as you. I can't bear not to baby my LVs and luggage bags are usually not to be babied... :shame: lol Anyway, I usually stuff my luggage to the max, sometimes it's even hard to close the zipper :P (I tend to bring my entire life with me even if I travel a couple of days :P)... I don't think I will ever treat my LV this way... :sweatdrop:

    Moreover, I don't travel much... Well, maybe one day, when I ran out of things to buy in LV(like that would ever happen :P) but still feel the need to buy something, or when I travel more, I'll get myself a keepall... Afterall, it seems to be an LV signature, must-have item... :graucho:
  5. I just have the Keepall 55 and I keep that baby very close to me! For obvious reasons, no LV luggage for me but of course I'd love to have a piece or two. Oh well...:girlsigh:
  6. I am looking into a Keepall 45 or 50 as an overnight/carry on bag....but I agree....airlines lose luggage all the time and I would be terrified to check an LV bag!!!
  7. I have a Damier Pegase 60 and a Grimaud. I use them only when we travel by car - that's about 80 percent of the time anyway.

    Last time I flew, the man across the aisle from me dropped a full can of soda on the floor - imagine if my bag was under his seat! When I fly, I only take indestructible bags and even then, I worry constantly.
  8. I don't have LV luggage but I have keepall 50 as carry on
  9. I too love LV lugguage, but being as a paranoid as I am already about my LV's I think I would die, if i bought something I'd have to check in. I will definately buy a Keepall 50 or 55. Cos I travel buy train quite often for weekends away.
  10. no - but the 50 and a keepall is on my Christmas wish list. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Santa gets it for me!
  11. I have a MC Keepall 45 and a Trolley Bosphore which I use for driving-distance trips or as carry ons for a flight. I would never check them in...I'm already paranoid enough with checking in my regular luggage!
  12. I have a mono keepall 55 with straps, and I'm planning on getting a pegase 60 and a black MC keepall in not too distant future.
  13. I would love to have LV luggage, but I would only use it when I travelled by car. It would never, ever leave my sight.
  14. Today I was looking at the large beauty case on the Vuitton site and thinking how beautiful is that for a bedroom...a tad to pricy for me but, nice eye candy.
  15. i almost always use my mothers pegase and check it in. (dont forget its LUGGAGE) i also have a keepall that I use as a carry on and a burberry carry on. My mom also has a trunk from my grandmother but that she wont use for travel.