does anyone have lindsay and peyton

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  1. how do they compare size wize ... I'm thinking i might need peyton .. I have lindsay is it bigger? any pic's of the 2 together thanks:smile:
  2. I have the Lindsay in Esspresso and Peyton in Black patent. I dont have any pics to compare, will take some after the super bowl and post. The Peyton is almost double in height IMO and width it is slightly wider. The handles on the peyton are alot more comfortable IMO. THe Peytone is alot lighter.
  3. Lindsay is squatty in comparison. The Peyton is taller, but sometimes does slouch. I think the handles are more comfy on the Lindsay overall, but I personally prefer the Peyton to my Lindsays.
  4. Like baglady mentions, Lindsay is 'squatty' and Peyton is taller.

    I find the handles equally comfortable on both bags, but Peyton has the Legacy stripe lining, Bonus! And Peyton is/was available in more colors & fabrications. I prefer my Peytons(5) over my Lindsay(1).
  5. Sorry don't have pics of the two together, but I do have modeling pics of each if you want to compare size. I'm 5' and 90lbs.
  6. OK vivi aside from the fact that your so cute and way smaller than me. the pic's actually helped me a ton. your fushia color is jaw dropping. And now I want a peyton even more.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. um help has in push me over the edge of insanity of desperatly needing a peyton um yes you have done it LOL thanks!!!!
  9. Argh!! I love your patent peytons!!! I have it in Atlantic but the patent is just so pretty!!!!
  10. I just wanted to say thankyou to all of you for your help and patience with my indescision.. I finally got a red peyton will post pic's as soon as it arrives im soo happy :O)