Does Anyone Have Kooba Vintage Cognac & Toffee?

  1. Hey - me again.
    Does anyone know the difference between the Toffee and Cognac colors? I thought that the Toffee might have been a bit redder, if I remember correctly and the Cognac was more of a golden brown?
    Thoughts? Break out those Marcelles and Lucys and tell me!!?
    This MIGHT seem a bit weird since I'm actually posting pics....but we ALL know how different stock photos can be vs. the real deal. The one the left is Toffee, the one on the right is Cognac....
    Which do you guys like better?
    kooba-marcelletoffee-a_t.jpg kooba-marcellecognac-a_t.jpg
  2. Oh the cognac for sure. I had a Nisha bag in Toffee and sold it because of the color. It was too reddish for me. It just wasn't an appealing color to me.
  3. I say cognac too. It just looks more versatile. The toffee looks a little like the auburn color they have out now.
  4. For that bag I prefer the cognac.
  5. The Toffee was always too reddish for me, everybody knows how I feel about the Cognac Marcelle...:heart:
  6. Definately cognac - more versatile! I agree that the toffee is too reddish.
  7. The cognac. I have bags in both colors (Toffee Nisha and Cognac Marcelle) and while I like both I definitely prefer the cognac. The ladies above are right - the toffee has more of a reddish brown tint to it.