Does anyone have Issey Miyake Bao Bao tote - questions for owners

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  1. Hello

    Ive fallen in love with the Bao Bao tote bag and I would appreciate any advice on this bag. Ive seen a pink one and I love it but Im wondering how practical is it for a day bag.

    Is it quite roomy and can it fit easily on the shoulders without slipping off. Also is it light?

    I would love to read your reviews on this gorgeous bag.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I've recently bought the Lucent in a small size. It's super light and is very easy to wear over the shoulder because of its adjustable straps. In terms of size though you may want to check out which one is best for your particular needs. I prefer not to carry a lot of stuff on a daily basis, so the small size works well for me.
  3. I just bought the rock basic small while inTokyo. It is extremely light and has a bottom that you can flatten and a zipper. The straps are adjustable.I think it will work great for an every day bag. However, I do switch out my bags frequently.
  4. I have had this bag for almost a year and I absolutely love it! It is very practical and have used it to the point my other bags are getting jealous :lol:. The only downside to the bag is things can get lost in there, because it is just one main compartment with a generous sized zipped pocket (which things get lost in too).

    It fits alot, very lightweight and I haven't had any issues with the shoulder strap slipping. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to be worn on the shoulder or hand held.

    I have the smaller one (6x6) but I want another one for daily use and a bigger one for days I need to bring more things.

    It is such a carefree bag!
  5. I own a couple and love them! A big pink one and the 6x6 in yellow. I think they fit a good amount, but as the poster above said, things can get lost in there! However, they are so different to your normal designer bags, and so casual and chic, get one!
  6. I've been loving the 6x6 but whenever i see one it looks very awkward worn on the shoulder almost as if its too short. Does anyone have this problem?
    And is it tough enough to carry heavy books?
  7. The strap can be adjusted to two different lengths. I keep mine on the longest length and sling it on my shoulder when I need to and it sits well for me.

    How much weight were you thinking? I wouldn't use my 6 x 6 for text books. I think the 10 x 10 would be more suited for heavy books.
  8. All of my text books, folders, agenda, some extra paper
    Is the 10x10 a lot bigger?
  9. Very addictive
    I am into my nos 5th within 6 months
  10. I am eyeing one too and had been scouring PF and Youtube to see what fits in the 6x6 and 10x10, but to no avail. I love the khaki (my fav kind of green) for the 6x6 and the silver for 10x10 but allowing myself just one. It will be greatly helpful if anyone can possibly share what fits in both the sizes? Grateful thanks in advance for sharing.
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