Does anyone have intel on the new “Bel Air”

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  1. 4D106426-4F09-4035-AC5F-C8DB47093815.png 67059F12-5DCC-4D9E-B789-8456F2DA67D3.jpeg I am dying to get some info on the new Bel Air lookalike from the Cruise 2020 collection!!!
    Anyone know price, release date etc? Above is the pic of the new version and then a vintage Bel Air from late 90s.....
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  2. I like the look of this as well. I thought it will be called the Ivy
  3. It very well may be called the Ivy.... I’m just calling it the new Bel Air given the similarities ( see pics in original post). I do think the “ivy” is a tad shorter ( if I count monograms on the canvas)
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  4. On bagaholic's ig, it was stated for 2800~ in Singapore.
  5. 69803F0F-92AF-44AE-9EEA-DF94A1B8AF02.jpeg B8C81A5E-7904-484A-8DB8-6880768C8BAE.jpeg It is smaller.... and the price is steeper than I would have expected!
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  6. 539D62CE-0037-45DC-AE85-5C01BC0EB2B2.jpeg For reference here are the measurements for the old Bel Air
    Basically it is 2 inches shorter and 2 inches “less wide”
    Basically it is the same size as the Alma BB but skinnier.... so at that price point I think I’m heading for the Alma BB
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  7. Quite disappointing that they changed its name. :tdown:
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  8. Not everybody wants a small crossbody bag, lv. I was really hoping it would be bigger. Oh well, looks like this has sealed the deal for montaigne for me.
  9. Yea, why not just call it Bel Air BB?
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  10. Louis Vuitton works in mysterious ways... :biggrin:
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  11. Agreed! Bel Air BB or Bel Air NM would've been perfect.

    They re-released the Tambourin and called it the Tambourin....why not keep this as Bel Air?!
  12. I am not a huge mono lover but I may have to try this. I like it. Just not sure the size will be large enough.