does anyone have inside info on the future of the pocket paddy?

  1. here's my chloe connundrum--I thought I wanted the taupe pocket paddy and was all set to buy it from LVR but I checked it out at Intermix and...while it's a gorgeous color I felt it looked washed out on me. I don't want a chocolate one-- which is gorgeous --because I just bought the chocolate muse (which I LUV). don't love the tan, do love that yellowish color but I haven't seen it anywhere....SO I'm thinking maybe I'll just hold off until the next season when more colors come out but I'd love to know if they're doing new colors for this paddy, and what they might be.

    sorry so long! thanks for any thoughts.
  2. I've seen the yellow color at a nearby Nordstrom, and it is a really cute color for the summer. You can also try calling the Chloe boutique on 70th and Madison -- I spoke with them today and they said they carry nearly all the colors in their store in both the satchel and pocket paddy.
  3. For sure the pocket paddy will be around in the future. I am 100% positive that it's going to be offered for fall and winter. You should call the chloe boutiques (NY and CA) to see what colors they will have for fall. I'd call the CA one first, they are way more helpful than the NY boutique. I think they opened their waiting list. I'm waiting for a blue paddington!
  4. Ooh! What color blue on the Paddington? I talked to Chloe NY today and they said the pocket WILL continue on into fall/winter, but no word on colors (or new Edith colors) yet.
  5. The yellow (jaune) paddy was available this afternoon at NM Newport Beach.
  6. its a dark blue with silver hardware!!! it looks good, really good. like i said.... try the CA boutique. everyone i know says they are much nicer and more helpful.
  7. i love the pocket paddys, but doesn't seem the edith is getting more airplay in popularity than the pocket paddys? will the pocket paddy just be a passing phase while the silverado, paddington and edith addictions never die out?
    i just purchased a mousse professor (medium pocket) yesterday and i love it-so i will remain on the pocket paddy bandwagon for awhile. i guess i should consider it a good thing that not everyone and their mother is after one?
  8. I just listed my medium black pocket paddy in the marketplace. Love the bag, but JC Ramona stole my affection... Can't stand to have her just sitting in the dust bag...hope to find her a happy home...