does anyone have INFO on this bag???

  1. Does anyone have any info on this bag??

    what sizes does it come in?
    how much will it be?
    name of it?
    release date?
    actual pics?

  2. The picture isn't showing for me?
  3. go to th spring summer 08 reference thread...her name is galliera if I'm not mistaken!
  4. thanks, I tried looking in that thread but got annoyed that most of the pics didn't work, so I couldn't find it.

    The GM measurements are HUGE! It's as big/wide as the tivoli gm. I wonder how long the strap length this gonna be another hand held only bag?? I hope not.

  5. Yeah I think if I get it I would want the PM and HOPE it's a shoulder bag!

  6. sorry the thread has been super popular this season more than expected it's taken me over my bandwidth the pics will be reset on the 18th
  7. I also can't wait to see the Galliera IRL. Hopefully it'll be a shoulder bag! Thanks for the dimensions IHeartCoach!:smile:
  8. Thanks Label Addict for all of the info on the springsummer 08 thread:tup:
  9. My SA is taking wait list for this. She said it is the first real hobo mono bag that LV has produced and think it will be a huge hit. It has an adjustable shoulder length
  10. Galliera - April 1
    PM ($1110) - 16"W x 12.8"H x 4.4"D
    GM ($1300) - 19.2"W x 15.2"H x 5.6"D
    -beige Alcantara lining, cell phone pocket/patch pocket

    Prices are still just an estimate. The bag featured in the ad is the GM size.
  11. I bought the Tivoli GM and it looked like a small suitcase on me! Does anyone have a wonderful SA in a Neiman Marcus who could get the Galliera PM as soon as it comes out?
  12. ...wondering if you could share your SA with me?? The LV SAs at Neiman Marcus in VA are way too snobbish for me.
  13. Island Spice if you want to PM me can give you the name of my SA she is absolutely the best
  14. Wow! I really like this bag, hope PM can be a shoulder bag too
    GM will be huge on me!