Does anyone have info on the Madison ligne? pictures, prices, style numbers?

  1. We saw a couple bags at the trunk show and I fell in love? was wondering if anyone had pictures, prices, style numbers...
  2. I saw some rectangular Madison bags... they have that long 'tongue' flap, don't they? With quilting on the top half of the bag, but smooth on the bottom portion.

    I have one wait listed in black. It's $1850, but that long tongue may dissuade me from actually purchasing.
  3. Stacey, it is that gold patent Madison bag that I think I am going to go for...weren't you thinking of it too? It is TDF.
  4. I really don't like that "tongue." I said it in another thread, but it kind of looks like something that starts with a p and rhymes with "Venus."
  5. you know, yea, I kinda see that too!
  6. Oh, maybe that is why Dawn and I love it!!:roflmfao:
  7. ^lol
  8. Rockerchic, did you see this pic from the thread that maxter started yesterday? I believe this bag is from the Madison line.

  9. ^^ love the color and the metallic sheen. but it looks like a schlong! lol at rockerchic! hehehe.
  10. That is it!! thanks cosmo!
  11. ^^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. lol - never looked at a bag that way, hehe

    i like the chain edging and i think gold would be awsome. Do you know what leather it is?
  13. It is a gold crackled patent.
  14. ITA. I would love to see this color/leather on another bag. It does look like a weenus (as my boys would say!)
  15. I bet it looks MUCH better in gold. It won't emphasize the weenus part so much.

    RockerChic, did they have that red color in any other bags at the trunk show?