Does anyone have info on Ashlee's Chanel bag?

  1. I really want to find this bag, or something similar to it - even a good knockoff...does anyone have any ideas???
  2. I don't think this forum can tell you where to find a good knockoff...since we all believe in purchasing the real thing. If you want this bag...why not start saving up money for it.And if it's just not in your budget then maybe you can try one of the Anne Taylors quilted handbags...they are by far better than any knockoff.And they come with real leather too.

    anyways good luck.
  3. I would love to find the real thing, but I have a feeling it's vintage, so I was just inititally wondering if anyone knew where to find it...
  4. I don't think I can put you in a certain direction...( cause i'm not really familiar with chanel),but i'm sure if you posted this in the chanel subforum..somebody could answer it for you.

    good luck.