Does anyone have info about the new selling limits?

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  1. I was happily listing away some high end items on eBay today, and when I tried to list my last one (thankfully) I got an error message on the page saying the item would not be listed because of auction restrictions. I guess I have tried to list too many high end items (most are Louis Vuitton).

    I think I have heard this happening to other sellers. Does anyone know what this criteria is? What are the limitations?
  2. Did they ask you to add a credit card?

    I had that happen to me once, but they basically
    wanted a credit card, as my fees were escalating
    due to so many high end listings.
  3. no, I just listed my LVs and didn't encounter such that thing. Have you email eBay? Oh but I guess they can't help, just will send us formal email :push:
  4. Well, it's already been fixed ... I emailed them and said hey, I've been on eBay since 1999, 100% positive feedback, and over 800 transactions! I got an email in a few hours after that and they said they lifted the restriction. It was actually fixed a lot quicker than I expected!
  5. Nice the hear that :smile: so they random which acc they'll restrict?
  6. I don't think it's completely random, I think they probably flag accounts that list a number of high end bags all at once (which I have done in the past week). I have been weeding out my collection to make room for new, and I also am trying to sell some new limited edition bags too.
  7. You are lucky. It took me like 10 days to get them to take the restrictions off my selling account, after doing live help like 3 times and following the exact instructions they told me, then finally a week later, got an e-mail saying I'd sent my question to the wrong person!

    Hopefully now you shouldn't have more problems, but who knows. They told me a bunch of random stuff that was the "problem" with my acct, but I think it was all BS.
  8. your auctions look good. how many are you looking to post?
  9. use auctiva to list, it goes around the restrictions. I just found that out today.
  10. Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip!
  11. whoa, that is good to know!