Does anyone have have the 'joy' boston bag??

  1. I was wondering if anyone has this bag?
    I just noticed it on and i adore it!!

    It just looks way too similar to the LV speedy!
    Lol, i really like it though, just wanted to hear the pro's and con's!
    I have got itchy internet fingers, i feel like buying it without seeing it first!:nuts:
    I am unsure of what colour! I love the new cruise ones with the painted stripes down, does anyone have this?

    Thank you so much! It would be my first Gucci bag, lol, sorry Louis/ Bal :push:

  2. I have this bag in the beige with the gunmetal color trim. :graucho: I love this bag though i haven't carried her yet...she's still in the box, but i'm thinking of using her this weekend for the first time. It is a little bigger than the Speedy 30 but not that big of a difference. I think it's a great gucci especially for the price. It reminds me of the gucci boston bags in the 80s. Let us know what you decide...goodluck! :cutesy:
  3. Hi,

    I have the large and medium Joy in black/brown GG plus with tobacco leather trim and light gold hardware.

    I think it is much more elegant than the LV Speedy!

    Its a super bag and I would certainly recommend it especially if its your first Gucci Item.

  4. Ooh I've been looking at this bag too, in the small size and beige with gunmetal. I really love it, but there are just so many things that I want! If people have pics of it IRL or modeling pics, could the post please?
  5. I have it in small with white GG plus and brown leather trim and light gold hardware. It's definitely a fun bag. I would recommend it in any size.
  6. Thank you everyone! I just love my speedy so, figured i would love this as it is similar in shape!
    It so pretty!!
    Does anyone have modelling pics?
    Thank you xx
  7. Here is it!!:tup::heart: Sorry,no modeling pics!!:flowers:
  8. Stefyp....I love that color!!! you're soooo lucky cause i don't think we have that here in the states. Very nice handbag!!!
  9. ^ I agree, that color is fabulous!
  10. :shame: Thanx ladies!!!:heart: It was a Xmas gift...i originally wanted the white one with platinum leather :girlsigh:...but now i love it!!:love:
  11. I'm thinking of getting the large joy boston bag with the beige/ebony color with the gunmetal trim. I haven't actually seen this bag IRL, so I'm wondering if it looks silverish in color? I'm looking for a silver bag, and I'm hoping this might work. Also, has anyone seen the joy medium tote? That looks like a possibiility too. What do you guys think?
  12. Anyone? This would be my first Gucci, and I want to be sure first. Thanks!
  13. I just saw the gunmetal trim on the white joy bag today at Saks, and it indeed does look silverish, and it's quite shiny as well!

    I wonder...will this bag go on sale eventually as well? I'm very interested, but would rather wait for a sale if there will be one.
  14. I never think to buy one until I saw a pink trim .... so cute!
  15. Yesterday, I bought the Gucci Joy in beige/ebony color with the gunmetal trim. From far away it looks kinda silver/greyish. I bought it because I was looking for a black or gray purse that I could dress up, wear with jeans and has a young modern edge to it. Its this purse! I LOVE IT!