Does anyone have Gustto Parina? Reviews, please?


the boonies of illinois
Mar 14, 2006
the boonies of illinois
I guess most of my bags, no matter which I am carrying, are heavy to others. Funny, but I try to never let anyone lift one of my bags off a chair or something so I don't hear the 'heavy' comments. "What do you have in there!!!?"--I shouldn't let it bother me but it does. I have a LP studded hobo and even I think it is heavy but I love it and it sure gets the compliments.


wag more, bark less
Aug 11, 2007
The Dirty South clarify what I told you about the bag being a bit heavy...that was based on the opinion of the young lady who was visiting me the day I responded to your question. I personally don't find it to be heavy, but then I carry so much in my bags that I hardly notice the weight. Several days ago, my dentist picked up my baca and commented that I needed a license to carry a such a weapon!! :confused1: He thought it was incredibly heavy when I hardly notice the weight at all!

I am very interested!!!!
Everyone always says I carry a ton of stuff around and that my bags are sooo heavy! The bags I choose are generally pretty lightweight when empty, because I guess all my stuff I throw in there weighs alot! LOL!


Apr 23, 2008
Well, sorry I never got my pics up here, I am such a busy gal I attend nursing school fulltime and work in a hospital part time and have 2 teenage kids. Crazy! Anyway I wanted to update as to if anyone is looking for a Parina as you well know they have them on ebay and I will be listing mine. It is the greatest color for fall and winter of leight beige brown not the dark brown and it is in super new condition, I only carried her for a short time. No negative reason I am getting rid of her, I love her, but I also love the Setela too and I just bought one from Bluefly, so I am giving my Parina a new home. So anyone interseted please check ebay............:supacool: