Does anyone have Gris Aluminum?

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  1. Hi everyone! I am thinking on pulling the trigger on a gris aluminum city (regular hardware).

    Does anyone have this?

    How is the wear and tear? Will the metallic silver chip off or fade in splotches? Any feedback would be appreciated!

    Thank you!!!
  2. Hi :smile: i have a gris alluminium hip with gold hardware and i love it. I weared it many times and it's still perfect. Leather is still like new, with no tears or fading. Corners are perfect as well, with no rubbing or scuffs. I wear it both with total black outfits and denim for a casual chic outfit. It's bright and stunning. In my honest opinion is one of my fav bag from my collection.
  3. Thank you so much!! That's good to know!!
  4. I also have 2 bags in this color; my Velo and Envelope clutch...I love them both and they both look brand problems at all. It is a great color. :heart:
  5. Thank you! :smile:
  6. I brought my Gris Aluminum clutch out tonight and posted it in the "which Bal bag are you wearing today" thread if you would like to see it. :heart:
  7. Thank you! I just saw it!

    I was distracted by your gorgeous ring and clic clacs but yeah.. I saw the clutch!!

    I have a question.. do you think Gris Aluminum color is too much on a city? (like too much bling?)

    I was thinking maybe it's better on a smaller bag like a clutch or a mini city?

    What do you think?
  8. Thank you for the compliments....and good question. I also have it in a Velo, which is larger than a City, so I love the color no matter the size, but I see what you are saying. It would probably help you if you could see them in person first. When I saw the Gris Aluminum Velo at Nordstrom I just died....just had to have it...fell in love with the color. I use it a lot and it is bright and blingy, but not too much, imo. Then later I saw the clutch and had to have it too. I am probably not helping because I would like it in the City as well. :hbeat::winkiss:
  9. That's the thing.. I can't see it in real life. The Bal boutique in my city doesn't have the color (any more, it sold out).. So I am considering buying it online. Hmmm.. I need to decide..

    Thanks so much for your input!!
  10. I have a City in gris aluminum and don't find it to be too blingy at all. I would describe it as a "bright neutral", if that makes any sense? It has a definite edge to it that makes it stand out a bit, and yet is totally wearable with a huge variety of colors and styles of clothes (I carry it on days when I am dressed up for work, and also on days when I am in jeans and a t-shirt). It's one of my favorites!