Does anyone have F/W 2010 catalogue...

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  1. ... and would you pretty please help a gal out with more info on this bag? It’s described as a purple iridescent.

    If you could let me know what the official color is, and perhaps what leather? I searched all 81 pages of the FW 2010 thread and found a photo of it, but no other info. I know they had the beetle/scarabee colors, but I could only find info on the green and brown. Unless this is a brown that looks purple?

    Any additional info is much appreciated! I’ve posted in the ID thread and Von gave me the idea that a catalogue would give me the exact info. Honestly hoping someone will say this is a boring, dull brown so I won’t be tempted to get it! because if it’s the pretty, iridescent purple it’s described as being, I want it. And I shouldn’t!!!


  2. I also found the beetle/scarabee in ink, but this seems to be a much different shade of purple
  3. I think the color is gladiol
    It was a brown with purple undertones
    Really pretty
    I bought my son a wallet in this color
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  4. The color in the photo looks so pretty
  5. I accidentally came across this color!!!

    It might be IRIS in iridescent Napa, although this looks more blue toned!!! Jburgh’s post to the rescue!
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  6. Whatever it is, it’s pretty!
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